Job Title: Outdoor Education Leaders for Summer Camps and School Trips

Job Title: Outdoor Education Leaders for Summer Camps and School Trips

Company: The Mountain Tribe

Industry: Outdoor Education

Location: Various locations in Asia and Southeast Asia (primarily Vietnam)

About Us:

The Mountain Tribe is a Vietnamese pioneering provider of outdoor education and adventure programs, specializing in summer camps and school trips that promote personal growth, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. Our programs are designed to challenge participants, foster teamwork, and develop essential life skills through immersive outdoor experiences. Learn more about our summer camps here and our school programs here.

Job Description:


We are seeking skilled and enthusiastic Outdoor Education Leaders to join our team for upcoming summer camps and school trips. The ideal candidates will possess strong technical skills, certifications in wilderness first responder (WFR) and open water rescue, and a preference for candidates with experience working in Asia and Southeast Asia.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Program Facilitation:
    • Lead and supervise outdoor education activities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, and team-building exercises.
    • Deliver engaging and educational content that aligns with The Mountain Tribe‘s mission and values.
    • Ensure the safety and well-being of all participants throughout the program.
  • Safety and Risk Management:
    • Conduct thorough risk assessments for all activities and implement appropriate safety measures.
    • Provide first aid and emergency response as needed, utilizing WFR and open water rescue skills.
    • Maintain and manage equipment, ensuring it is safe and in good working condition.
  • Participant Engagement:
    • Foster a positive and inclusive environment that encourages participant growth and development.
    • Build strong relationships with participants, providing support and guidance as needed.
    • Facilitate group discussions, reflections, and debriefs to enhance the learning experience.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork:
    • Work closely with other leaders and staff to ensure the smooth running of programs.
    • Communicate effectively with program coordinators, providing updates and feedback.
    • Participate in staff training sessions and contribute to a collaborative team culture.


  • Technical Skills and Certifications:
    • Strong technical skills in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking.
    • Current Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification.
    • Open Water Rescue certification.
  • Experience:
    • Previous experience leading outdoor education programs or summer camps.
    • Preferably have experience working in Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • Skills:
    • Excellent leadership and communication skills.
    • Ability to manage groups effectively and ensure participant safety.
    • Strong problem-solving skills and adaptability in dynamic environments.
  • Personal Attributes:
    • Passion for outdoor education and experiential learning.
    • Enthusiastic, energetic, and positive attitude.
    • Culturally sensitive and able to work with diverse groups of participants.


  • Competitive salary with opportunities for bonuses based on performance.
  • Comprehensive training and professional development opportunities.
  • Accommodation and meals provided during program durations.
  • The chance to work in some of the most beautiful and adventurous locations in Asia and Southeast Asia.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and a cover letter detailing their relevant experience and certifications. Applications can be sent to email:

The Mountain Tribe is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Join us at The Mountain Tribe and make a lasting impact on the lives of young adventurers while exploring the great outdoors!

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