Discover Elite Summer Camps: Past and Future Opportunities for Vietnamese Youth

Discover Elite Summer Camps: Past and Future Opportunities for Vietnamese Youth

Important note: All the camps mentioned here are introduced based on information available on the internet and their respective websites. This is intended to inspire Vietnamese outdoor camp providers for future projects and missions aimed at the next young generation. If any information negatively impacts their business or individuals, we will promptly remove it.

Summer camps offer more than just a place for kids to play; they are an ideal environment for developing skills, critical thinking, and personal qualities. In Vietnam, several elite summer camps are designed specifically for the nation’s young generation, providing unique and valuable experiences. Camps such as Trại Quý Tử, Vingroup Summer Camps in Ha Long, and Motive Corporation Summer Camps in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, play a crucial role in laying a strong foundation for Vietnamese preschoolers. Let’s explore these prestigious camps and what the future holds with The Mountain Tribe joining this exciting journey.

Trại Quý Tử by HB Travel

Trại Quý Tử, organized by HB Travel, is a prestigious camp designed for the elite young generation in Vietnam. With a focus on comprehensive education, this camp offers a variety of activities ranging from sports and arts to life skills training. Children attending Trại Quý Tử engage in practical lessons that nurture creative thinking and leadership abilities.

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Vingroup Summer Camps in Ha Long

Vingroup Summer Camps in Ha Long provide an enticing destination for young children, combining education with recreation. Here, children participate in a mix of sports, arts, and STEM education programs. This approach helps them develop holistically, preparing them better for future challenges.

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Motive Corporation Summer Camps in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

Motive Corporation Summer Camps in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, organized by Youth Development Corporation (formerly TGM Training), stand out as one of Vietnam’s premier camps. Known for pioneering youth training and development with Singaporean standards, this camp focuses on enhancing soft skills and strategic thinking in children. Activities here promote teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership development.

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What’s next with Vietnamese Outdoor Camp Providers with the young generation?

The Next Project: The Mountain Tribe

The Mountain Tribe is proud to be part of the next exciting project for Vietnam’s elite young generation. With extensive experience in outdoor education and adventure, The Mountain Tribe offers unique programs that help children develop survival skills, a love for nature, and team spirit. Activities such as mountain climbing, camping, and environmental protection are designed to provide meaningful and enriching experiences.

The Mountain Tribe


Outdoor Camps like Trại Quý Tử, Vingroup Summer Camps in Ha Long, and Motive Corporation Camps in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, have proven their value in developing the young generation of Vietnam. With The Mountain Tribe joining the next project, we can look forward to even richer and more engaging summer camp programs that help Vietnamese young generations shine and excel in the future. Stay tuned and support the exciting advancements of these elite summer camps!

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