Completion of Water games Training course

Completion of Water games Training course

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In the past month, water sports activities in the Trị An area, Đồng Nai, have received a significant boost with the completion of an underwater sports training course organized by the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Đồng Nai province. With the participation and successful completion of this program, Mr. Đặng Minh – Founder & CEO of The Mountain Tribe – has contributed significantly to enhancing the quality and safety of water sports activities in the locality.

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Water Sports Training Program

This training course is not only an opportunity for learning and skill development but also a crucial step in ensuring the safety of athletes and participants in water sports activities in Trị An. With support from the local government and related organizations, the program has provided participants with in-depth knowledge of underwater games and safety measures.

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The Mountain Tribe: A Reliable Partner in Water Sports Activities

Led by Mr. Đặng Minh, The Mountain Tribe has quickly become a pioneering force in the water sports and experiences community in Vietnam. With a commitment to partnering with and supporting the community, The Mountain Tribe not only serves as a reliable partner in organizing water sports activities but also ensures safety and quality.

Development Potential of Water Sports in Trị An

With its strategic location and unlimited development potential, the Trị An area, Đồng Nai, is becoming an ideal destination for water sports activities. This training program not only marks an important step in improving the quality of sports activities but also opens up new opportunities for sustainable development in this industry.


The completion of the underwater sports training course in Trị An, Đồng Nai, is a significant step in promoting and developing water sports activities in the area. With contributions and commitments from partners like The Mountain Tribe, we can confidently say that the future of water sports in Trị An will be brighter and more prosperous than ever before.

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