Adventure Gap year

TMT Adventure Gap Year

Embark on an 85-day journey that reveals the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of Vietnam. From lush jungles and tranquil lakes to towering mountains and bustling villages, this course offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore Vietnam’s diverse environments. Each day brings new vistas and experiences, deepening your connection with nature and the local culture.

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Unique Experiences with

The Mountain Tribe

Location: TMT Basecamp – Trị An, Vietnam

**The fee includes all services within Vietnam. It does NOT cover flights, travel insurance, visa and other expenses outside of the program.

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Discover Vietnam with a unique experience alongside The Mountain Tribe

Objective: To provide participants with a transformative adventure experience, exploring Vietnam and acquiring essential outdoor skills and certifications.


Course Days

85 days to learn, apply, and challenge yourself.


Professional Certifications

  1. Wilderness Survival Certification
  2. Navigation and Orienteering Certification
  3. Rock Climbing and Rappelling Certification
  4. Water Sports and Rescue Certification
  5. Team Leadership and Expedition Planning Certification


Team of Experts

A team of 10+ experts will instruct and guide you, upholding the highest standards in international outdoor skills.

1. Introduction and Orientation (1 Week)

  • Day 1-2: Arrival, ice-breaking activities, and orientation sessions.
  • Day 3-4: Introduction to TMT Basecamp and Trị An environment.
  • Day 5-7: Basic safety training and initial assessment of participants’ fitness levels and skills.
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2. First Month: Basic Outdoor Skills

  • Week 2: Wilderness Survival (Certification 1)
    • Skills: Shelter building, fire starting, water sourcing and purification, basic first aid.
    • Activities: Survival simulations and practical exercises.
  • Week 3: Navigation and Orienteering (Certification 2)
    • Skills: Map reading, compass use, GPS navigation, route planning.
    • Activities: Orienteering courses and navigation challenges.
  • Week 4: Outdoor Cooking and Nutrition
    • Skills: Meal planning, camp cooking techniques, foraging basics.
    • Activities: Cooking competitions and meal preparation in the wild.


3. Second Month: Intermediate Adventure Skills

  • Week 5: Rock Climbing and Rappelling (Certification 3)
    • Skills: Climbing techniques, belaying, safety protocols.
    • Activities: Climbing sessions on natural and artificial structures.
  • Week 6: Water Sports (Certification 4)
    • Skills: Kayaking, canoeing, basic water rescue.
    • Activities: Paddling trips and water rescue drills on Trị An Lake.
  • Week 7: Advanced First Aid and Emergency Response
    • Skills: Wilderness first aid, CPR, emergency evacuation procedures.
    • Activities: Scenario-based training and simulations.
  • Week 8: Environmental Awareness and Conservation
    • Skills: Leave No Trace principles, sustainable practices, local flora and fauna identification.
    • Activities: Conservation projects and educational sessions.
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4. Third Month: Leadership and Advanced Skills

  • Week 9: Team Leadership and Expedition Planning (Certification 5)
    • Skills: Group management, conflict resolution, expedition logistics.
    • Activities: Leadership workshops and planning a final expedition.
  • Week 10: Multi-Day Expedition
    • Activities: A multi-day trek or adventure, applying all learned skills.
    • Focus: Navigation, survival, teamwork, and leadership in a real-world scenario.
  • Week 11: Specialty Week
    • Skills: Participants choose an advanced skill area to focus on, such as advanced climbing, advanced navigation, or advanced survival techniques.
    • Activities: Intensive training and skill enhancement.
  • Week 12: Reflection and Certification Ceremony
    • Activities: Debriefing sessions, sharing experiences, formal certification ceremony.
    • Focus: Reflecting on personal growth, skill development, and future applications.

Additional Notes:

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Emphasis on safety protocols throughout the course.

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Experienced guides and instructors available for one-on-one mentoring.

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Continuous assessment through practical and written evaluations.

**The fee includes all services within Vietnam. It does NOT cover flights, travel insurance, visa and other expenses outside of the program.